Why Cardio Is a Waste of Time and Energy

The internet is full of success stories of people who have lost hundreds of pounds and they all tell you that the secret to losing weight is to do an hour of cardio every day. In their testimonials, they will tell you they watched what they eat and cut out all their favorite foods and spent every waking moment on the treadmill or out walking. This is why many people do not feel like starting a weight loss journey because who has got the time or energy after a tough day to work out for hours. The real question is even if you make time now, will you be able to do it for the rest of your life to maintain the weight loss.

Quite frankly, no one can promise they will have the time every day for the rest of their lives to spend hours doing cardio. Cardio is punishing yourself for a crime you haven’t done. People hate it but they want to look good so they continue doing it till they can no longer make the time and regain all the weight gradually. It makes one want to weep going to get easy?

The worst part is that pushing yourself into intensive exercise that your body is not used to will only cause injuries due to bad form and because you are pushing yourself too hard. Many exercise programs are not catered towards inactive people and you can guess what happens when an inactive 40 pounds overweight person tries to exercise, with bad form and without proper shoes. They set out full of motivation and push themselves as hard as they can for as long as they can. They feel purged of all the guilt they have been feeling for eating wrong and staying inactive by the end of the workout.

After a day or two of such intensive exercise, they will injure themselves. The injuries will only be minor aches at the start but eventually, when a person pushes themselves even with an injury, they will make it worse. All that hard work will show results. However, the body will start showing signs of wear and tear and in a few days, the person would barely be able to get into 5 minutes of the workout, due to the injury and because their motivation wanes and they just cannot go on with another day of the grueling punishing exercise.

Jumping unprepared into a workout program can injure a person physically. However, physical injuries will heal but the pressure the person feels will break him down mentally. The result is that they feel fed-up and they give up and binge on their favorite foods. The binge will make them feel guilty about what they have done. Making them feel like a loser and the failed exercise program will weigh down on them as well. It is a vicious cycle.

Absolute beginners should start with introductory workouts that I have provided on page 35 of the Turbulence Training for Fat loss manual. This manual shows basic exercises that slowly train your body to lose fat fast, while minimizing your risk of injury. They help make your lower body strong so that you can easily progress to the more effective workouts that blast fat fast given in the turbulence training manual.

The ideal way to lose weight is to take it one day at a time of itself.

Before we take you into further details about the most effective weight loss method, let’s take a deeper look at why the traditional forms of exercise, mostly cardio, are ineffective.

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